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4 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Website Copywriting

For some businesses, copywriting can be an afterthought. Yet it’s the main tool you’ve got to make an attractive website an effective website.

Perhaps you’ve spent nearly all your time and budget on the design of your new website and then just copied the content from your old site.

Or maybe you’ve cobbled together a website yourself using Wix or a similar online platform and then written the content quickly in-house without process or expertise.

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone.

In the above examples you may have a good-looking website but it’s unlikely to be generating any results.

Have you even considered what results you want from your website?

Just an online presence? A valuable resource to refer potential clients to? A website that can generate sales on its own?

It’s important to know what you want to achieve with your online presence, through your website and elsewhere, before you consider how best to spend your budget and develop a strategy.

Here’s the most common problems we see with underperforming and underwhelming websites and why updating your copywriting could make all the difference.

1)    Lack of content

Websites that are thin on content will struggle to have any impact.

This could be down to a lack of relevant information, nothing to differentiate from the competition, or the fact that they won’t get much traction on search engines. Google likes good-quality content as much as your potential customers.

If your website lacks content it might as well not exist.

Perhaps you’re just struggling with what to include. An expert copywriter can guide you through the entire process. From understanding your business and your goals, putting together strategy and key messaging, to producing quality, thorough content to bring people to your website and get them to take action. That could be to buy your product, sign up to your email list or make an enquiry.

2)    Lack of core messaging/clarity

When a prospective customer lands on your website they need to know very quickly what you do, what you stand for, and why they should consider you. Your core messaging therefore needs to be clear, to the point, and convincing.

Do you have a short statement that can deliver all this?

These few words need to have a big impact and they’re harder to write than a full page of generic content. You need to take the time to get your core messaging right. Hold workshops internally so you fully understand what your brand is about and who your ideal customer is.

Get outside help. If you bring in a third party to help they can guide you through the process and help you understand what’s important about your approach and your credentials, and how you should relay this to the world. Talk to us if you want to find out more about how we can deliver these workshops.

3)    Poor content

Of course, quality is subjective. But if you find yourself with an underperforming website it’s likely your content is to blame.

As we’ve covered, getting your messaging right and selling yourself properly is paramount, but you’ve also got to get the basics right and make sure your writing is professional and readable. It needs to have structure and to guide the reader on their journey to making an enquiry.

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Poor content can be more damaging to your brand than no content! We’re offering free website reviews so if you’ve found yourself suddenly questioning your content, email me and ask for an honest appraisal –

4)    Absence of strategy

Lack of strategy usually means your copywriting is an afterthought, yet we know it’s paramount to your website’s success. Remember to ask yourself what you want your website to achieve for you, then you need to develop a strategy to enable that.

Again, this isn’t simple if you’ve never considered these things before and you’ve made the common mistakes we mentioned at the beginning of this article. Hire an expert, don’t try to cut corners. Make sure your website generates a return.

How we can help

At Pearson Brown we provide copywriting services with a proven process to generate results.

We know what works. That’s why our proven process, The Pearson Brown Blueprint is at the heart of all that we do.

The Blueprint involves us working closely with you to understand your business in detail and your target customers. We will perfect your messaging and tone to not only get you more leads and customers, but the right leads and customers.

To find out more, contact our copywriting team on 0333 009 0060 or email me directly at

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