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Improving Website Performance: Where to Start

Improving website performance takes two things:

  1. Convincing the internet that you’re worthy of attention
  2. Convincing humans that you’re the company for them (or part of a shortlist of options)

That’s the simple breakdown.

The internet is often the gatekeeper when it comes to accessing new prospects. Google needs to recognise that your site is relevant to the search term, and of high quality, for it to rank well.

Or, you can pay the gatekeeper to access prospects – through ads.

Have you considered your SEO performance or using Google Ads?

Once you’re getting traffic you then need to be sure you’re providing a good customer experience. Can people find what they need quickly and easily? Is your website easy to navigate and interact with? Is the content of a high enough quality to turn browsers into buyers?

You need to use two skills to create a successful site:

  1. Copywriting and content
  2. Design

Getting these right will please both the internet and your potential customers.

What’s most important?

That will depend on a few factors such as your objectives, your industry and your typical sales process, but copywriting and design must complement each other. They’re both equally vital and they both need your full attention.

They both need a strategy and then you’ve got to execute both well.

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It doesn’t end when you publish your site either, you need to keep it regularly updated with fresh, interesting content.

Your blog is the best place to do this. Publish articles, case studies, company updates, newsworthy items, or anything else you know would interest, educate or entertain your audience.

This isn’t just to benefit your site visitors. Google likes regularly updated websites and this will help you continue to improve your search engine rankings.

Improving website performance: how we can help

At Pearson Brown we’re a copywriting agency with a precise, proven process to get you the results you want from your website. Find out more about our process here – The Pearson Brown Blueprint.

We can also take care of design. But first, before you start any major new works, let’s look at what you’re currently doing well and see what you could improve on.

We can provide the following audits.

Website review

This is a manual review of your website to check the user experience. We will look at site layout, quality and quantity of content, and the customer journey.

This will help us to identify recommended changes so that you can improve the user experience and ultimately increase enquiries.

SEO review

This is a technical analysis of your website from an SEO perspective which will include hard data showing you what you’re doing well, and what issues you could do with fixing. Its purpose is to provide you with an action plan of exactly what you need to do to rank higher in Google search, and then stay there.

Of course, we can also complete the improvement works for you but we don’t need any prior commitment.

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