Content Marketing

Content marketing

Content increases your exposure, positions you as a trusted authority in your industry, and generates automatic leads over the long-term.

Attention + Trust = Sales

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It doesn’t matter how great you are if nobody knows about you. Regularly producing valuable and professionally written content via your blog will get you the attention that you need. Google will love you and rank you highly, just like your potential customers will.

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As well as getting you seen, your new content will build trust with your new audience and position you as a trusted advisor in your field. The fount of all knowledge. The go-to experts. Then, where will these people go when they need a service like yours…? To you – the source.

Leads & sales

Content marketing and building your brand via your blog is a longer-term strategy. When you think long term, results become automatic. Your assets work for you – your knowledge, skills, brand, and reputation, without you having to do much to continually bring in new business.

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Other benefits of having a blog

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As we’ve said, Google will rank you higher if you have a regularly updated blog that adds real value. It makes your site an authority just like your business itself.

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Your blog is media, treat it like it. Publish newsworthy items, product launches or anything else you have to say alongside your traditional articles.

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If you’re not communicating via your blog and other online channels in the modern digital world, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable and money on the table.

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Your blog is the epicentre of all your content. Chop it up and use it across social media, for a podcast, for video content. The possibilities are limitless.

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It’s not uncommon for blog articles to rank higher than your main webpages when clients search for a business like yours, so make sure you’re putting content out there.

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There’s few better ways to help people relate to your business than via content marketing. Your blog keeps your customers and your staff engaged.

how we work

We can manage your blog completely; from producing ideas through to publishing new articles on your website and social media pages. If you want more involvement, no problem. How we work together is flexible and tailored to your preference.

Whatever arrangement we go with, we’ll work to get to know you intimately (not in a weird way!) and find your tone of voice. Everything we write will be uniquely for you; it’ll feel just like you’ve written it yourself.

Our words, your voice.